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Ultralight Adventure Equipment (ULA) was established in 2001 by Pacific Crest Trail hiker Brian Frankle, who recognized a need for durable yet lightweight backpacking equipment. Over 15 years later nearly half the hikers completing this arduous 2,660 mile trail carry a ULA pack. Our reputation for quality, innovation, and customer service has given us a worldwide reputation that is second to none.

ULA is one of the few remaining U.S. based backpack companies who manufacture in house. Our factory in Logan, Utah enables us to be extremely responsive to our customers ever changing needs. It allows us to adapt new technologies and materials in weeks rather than months, and also allows ULA to offer a level of customer service that is simply unmatched. Because we donʼt rely on others to sew our backpacks, we always have all styles and sizes in stock ready to ship.

Our packs have won awards from Backpacker magazine, The Great Outdoors, and Mens Journal. Our newly launched fully waterproof pack, EPIC has received an award for innovation from Geographical magazine and was carried on the National Geographic sponsored circumnavigation of Alaska recently completed by Andrew Skurka.

Whether you’re hiking two miles or 2,000 miles ULA makes the pack that will make all your adventures more enjoyable.

hiking packs by ula


Which pack is best for you?

The question we get most often is “What pack is best for me?” Here are some guidelines for you to consider. If you have further questions please donʼt hesitate to call us at 435.753.5191, or email us: We love to talk backpacks! We might even give you something new to think about when looking for a new pack.

Choosing the right pack is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

ula hiking packs


Looking for a backpack to travel with that can be checked as a luggage item on a plane, or that can get tossed on the roof of a bus in Nepal? If so, be aware that the frames on the Circuit and the Ohm 2.0 can break if handled too roughly on a regular basis. Keep this in mind as you browse our selection of backpacks. The Catalyst, Epic, and CDT backpacks will take a lot more abuse, but remember, these are lightweight backpacks and were designed to be carried on your back, not to be dropped, kicked or crammed under crates of live chickens on a bus.

ula lightweight packs


Do you plan on backpacking in California, or somewhere else bear canisters are required? If so, look no further than the Catalyst or Circuit — only these 2 packs will haul a bear canister with remaining room for your other gear. The Catalyst will hold a BearVault BV500 — horizontally or vertically. The Circuit will carry the BV500 vertically only. These canisters will fit in other packs but will take up much of the pack body, limiting space for the rest of your gear. The smaller BV450 will fit in all of our packs, but you will need to pack your remaining gear with care.

ULA lightweight equipment


How much weight will you realistically be carrying? Be honest here and make sure to count everyone of your items. When you’re done, add a few pounds for good measure. Based on your calculated total load, use our handy guide below to find your perfect pack!

ula equipment

ula 15lb packs


If your weight is under fifteen pounds, occasionally twenty, then the CDT is for you. The CDT is a basic rucksack design with no frame or load lifters. The weight transfer to the hips is minimal, but it is light and fast, perfect for hut to hut style hiking with minimal gear. The CDT will better withstand abuse than other packs as there is no frame to break.

ula 25lb pack

OHM 2.0

If your weight is usually under twenty five pounds, consider the Ohm 2.0. It offers the same hipbelt and shoulder straps as our larger packs with a few inches of torso adjustment to get the fit dialed in perfectly. The body of the Ohm 2.0 is narrower than the larger packs so it moves with you like no other pack we have.

ula 30lb pack


If you are usually under thirty pounds, but occasionally up to thirty five you are probably a good candidate for a Circuit. This is our most popular pack and with good reason. If you have your pack weight down to these levels the Circuit will perform like no other pack. The Circuit will take the abuse of a 2,500 mile thru-hike and beg you for more.

catalyst pack ula


If your weight is thirty pounds or more, the Catalyst is for you. Itʼs a bit heavier, but lightness comes with a price, and that price is often comfort. Ready to carry loads of up to 40 pounds, haul a bear canister, tents, or fishing, climbing or photo gear. Doesn’t it make sense to carry a bag that will haul the load you will be carrying more comfortably? Yes, it does.

epic board ula


The Epic… If you plan to get wet — possibly very wet — and would like to carry a pack raft on your journey, look no further than the Epic. With exceptional load carrying ability, load control, and amazing versatility, the EPIC is the choice for adventure racers, expeditions involving water, and even total off trail bushwhacking. The Epic will carry forty pounds comfortably, and while itʼs maybe not the ideal choice for an everyday backpack, it will carry any bear canister we know of and even a small kid or a dog if need be.

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